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Singapore Chinatown
Geylang Chinatown
Singapore Chinese Temples
Singapore Buddhist Monasteries

Landmarks and places to explore
in Singapore Chinatowns

singapore chinatown Singapore Chinatown
A brief history of Singapore Chinatown, popularly known as "Niu Che Shui" or ox water cart. It is also the Official Chinatown of Singapore.
geylang chinatown

Geylang Chinatown
A new Chinatown in Singapore. It is the opposite of Official Chinatown. Comes across as spontaneous, atmospheric and even authentic. Geylang Chinatown radiates the energy of a social node that is created by people for people and attracts people.

singapore tooth relic temple Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum
Read about the soft launch and see fireworks, dragon dance performances during the event.
da hua theatre majestic Da Hua theatre, 大华戏院
A major landmark in Singapore Chinatown and started a a wealthy man's gift to his wife. Located next to Great Southern Hotel
ee hoe club Ee Hoe Hean Club 怡和轩俱乐部
An exclusive club for wealthy Chinese in Singapore and transformed into the headquarter of China Relief Fund, South East Asia’s resistance movement against Japanese invasion of China.
fook tet soo Fook Tet Soo Hakka Temple,

One of the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore and believed to have predated the modern history of Singapore.
great southern hotel singapore chinatown Great Southern Hotel, 南天大酒楼
Opened in 1936, it was the tallest building in Chinatown and a top end luxuray hotewl in Singapore Chinatown and known by many as the Raffles Hotel of Singapore Chinatown. Located next to Da Hua Theatre.
lee chun yuan Lee Chun Yuan, 梨春 园
One of the most famous and popular opera theate in Singapore Chinatown destoryed during the Japanese invasion of Singapore
sri mariamman temple Sri Mariamman Temple
An Indian temple in the heart of Singapore Chinatown, showcasing the multicultural and multiethnic character of Singapore Chinatown.
thian hock keng Thian Hock Keng 天福宫
One of the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore. Built by the Hokkiens dedicated to the sea goddess Mazu.
ying fo fui kun Ying Fo Fui Kun 应和会馆
A Hakka Clan Association and one of the oldest clan association in Singapore.
singapore Landmarks and places to explore
outside of Singapore Chinatown

Bukit Brown Cemetery
One of the largest Chinese cemetery outside of China now threathened by development. Will it survive or be lost to future generations?

poh ern shih

Poh Ern Shih, 九华山报恩寺
Founded in 1954, Poh Ern Shih has the first American Caucasian monk as the Abbot of a Buddhist monastery in Singapore. Today, it is well known as the first "green" temple in Singapore.

shuang lin monastery

Shuang Lin Monastery, 双林寺
Founded in 1898, this is the first and therefore oldest Chinese Buddhist monastery in Singapore.

jin dong fu

Jin Dong Fu, 金洞府
A temple located in Geylang Chinatown serving the public for almost half a century and attracting social sceintists and academics as a site for research.

singapore Social and Cultural institutions
siong leng Siong Leng Musical Association 湘灵音乐社
Nanyin music association and performs all over Singapore.
do opera Do Opera
A group of young profesionals promoting and transmitting Chinese Opera culture
thau yong Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association 陶融儒乐社
Teochew musical association with performances in various events in Singapore.
green lion Zhonghua Sports Club 中华体育俱乐部
A martial arts club in Singapore Chinatown. One of the very few places in Singapore where the Green Lion is performed.


Buddhist Social Support services in Singapore
A list of Buddhist and Buddhist friendly social support services in Singapore. Their services are available to people of all backgrounds and they respect the ethnic and religious belief of people they serve.

singapore History
clan association Singapore Clan Associations
History of Chinese clan associations in Singapore and their role today.
shuang lin monastery Venerable Pu Liang
The history of a Buddhist Venerable, abbot of Shuang Lin Monastery, who supported China Relief Fund during the Sino Japanese war and later executed by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore.

nanyang volunteer icon

Nanyang Volunteer, 南侨机工
Story of 3200 civilians who left Nanyang to serve on the Burma road as drivers and mechanics. Most were Chinese men but includes some Indian, Malay men and 4 Chinese women.
green lion Mr. Gan De Yuan 干德源
A martial arts expert who transmitted matial arts, green lion dance and Chinese medical knowledge to Singapore.
hainan clan association

Hye Kia Nam Li Tang Yeo Wui
The history of Hye Kia Nam Li Tang Yeo Wui, literally meaning the Tai Jia Southern Travel Same-Village Association, is a clan association whose members originally came from the Tai-jia Village, Wen-chang County, Hainan Province of China. see also: closing of Hye Kia Nam Li Tan Yeo Wui 

singapore Event Reports
2015 chinese new year lanterns in thian hock keng 2015
Chinese new year 2015
Chinese new year 2014
Pink Dot 2014

Singapore Chinese New Year eve
Hokkien opera renaissance
Pink Dot 2013

Singapore Chinatown welcomes the Year of the Dragon
Pink dot 2012

in memory of nanyang volunteer

Light on the Lotus Hill Documentary
Siong Leng 70th anniversary sensational banquet
Hungry Ghost Festial- Orchard road Getai
In Memory of Nanyang Volunteers
Pink Dot 2011
Chinese New Year eve at Thian Hock Keng

chinese new year in singapore chinatown

Chinese New Year in Singapore Chinatown
Chinese New Year
Pink Dot 2010
Poh Ern Shih Nanyin

godof wealth 2009
Light on the Lotus Hill
Pink Dot 2009
Mazu Birthday at Thian Hock Keng
Mazu's birthday celebrations
Chinese New Year in Singapore Chinatown
Chinese New Year eve at Thian Hock Keng
Chinese New Year eve temple visits
yuan xiao thian hock keng

Hakka Folk Song, 客家山歌之夜
Test of Nanyin
Yuan Xiao 元宵节 @ Thian Hock Keng Temple
New Year eve at Thian Hock Keng
Singapore Chinese New Year 2008

singapore chinatown 2007
Thian Hock Keng commemorates Confucius birthdays
Nanyin performance in Thian Hock Keng
Hakka Song & Food Festival 客家歌舞,美食节
Singapore Chinese Buddhist Association celebrates 80th anniversary
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Find places to eat, dine and shop
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Malaya's Secret Police by Leon Comber


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